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Lani T. Montreal is an educator, writer, performer, and community activist. Her writings have been published and produced in Canada, the U.S., the Philippines and in cyberspace. Among her plays are: Panther in the Sky, Gift of Tongue, Looking for Darna, Alien Citizen, Grandmother and I, and her most-toured comedy drama about gender and immigration, titled Sister OutLaw. She is the recipient of the 2015 3Arts Djerassi Residency Fellowship for Playwriting, 2008 3Arts Ragdale Residency Fellowship, the 2001 Samuel Ostrowsky Award for her memoir “Summer Rain,” and was finalist for the 1995 JVO Philippine Award for Excellence in Journalism for her environmental expose “Poison in the River.” Lani holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Roosevelt University. She teaches writing at Malcolm X College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago and writes a blog called “Fil-in-the-gap”. ( She lives (and loves) in Albany Park, Chicago with her multi-species, multi-cultural family.

Dog Food

Sometimes I want to mix in dog food with your food saute it in garlic and onion pour in eggs beaten in milk and cream cheese and voila! Gourmet dish fit for kings and queens who send cake thieves to … Continue reading

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Please take a day off and call your senators

This just cannot go on Can’t keep apologizing for my meekness I want to stop looking over my Asian shoulders when I walk at night I can’t keep worrying about my friend when she’s a few minutes late from putting … Continue reading

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Happy International Women’s Day!

On this day of reckoning, when women all over the world should be celebrated and uplifted, when we commemorate the sacrifices of the women who came and fought injustice before us, I just want to sleep! I’ve been alternating between … Continue reading

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If I die tomorrow (Day 6)

Please make a fucking fuss I traveled halfway around the world to be something You will not not cry as if my dying means nothing Once I thought I was Nothing I thought I could disappear and no one would … Continue reading

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Paradigm Shift (Days 4 & 5)

Spent most of the day attending training for a federal grant that my school received from the Office of Violence Against Women. Paradigm shift: I have not heard this term used so much in one training conference! But it is … Continue reading

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Bringing the Outdoors Inside – (Day 3 of My Coronavirus Journal)

I know I casually talked about feeding the farm in my last post, but we didn’t always have these many pets. We had Ringo and Gidget when we moved to our new home in 2019. Ringo was our elderly schnoodle, … Continue reading

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Rinse and Repeat- (Day 2 of My Coronavirus Journal)

This is the first day of my birth month. To be honest, I’m not as excited to have another birthday. Not anymore after I turned 50, and then later on, my birthday became a grim reminder of my mother’s death. … Continue reading

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Family Outing in Downtown Chicago

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Coronavirus Journal

I’ve decided to participate in the National Women’s History Museum’s project to document women’s daily experiences throughout the pandemic. If you are interested to participate, please feel free to sign up. My hope is that it will get me writing … Continue reading

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Hay na kus at the 2019 Babaylan Conference

I had the honor of presenting at the conference with my beautiful bff, visual artist exrraordinaire and community activist Melanya Liwanag Aguila, and we enjoined participants to write to find home/to be home/to make home. Most of them took the … Continue reading

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